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Crown Me Gorgeous Artistry, Owner & Lead Stylist


At the tender age of one and a half, I cut off my poor sister's ponytail.  Three years later, I tried to shape her eyebrows and ended up shaving one of them off. Her hair and eyebrow eventually grew back, however my mom suspected early on that I had an interest in styling hair.


I learned how to braid as a child by watching professional braiders as they styled my sisters’ hair. Growing up in a household with a single mom of triplets, there were many opportunities to practice the styles I observed. Most of my early styles were practiced on my own hair. As my skill developed, my first clients became my sisters, aunts, and other family members. As I perfected more styles, my clientele grew.


Once I completed high school, my passion for pursuing a career as a cosmetologist dwindled. Therefore, I relocated to Tampa, Florida to attend the University of South Florida. As a sophomore, I worked  part-time in the student center. The limitations on how many hours I could work weekly and hourly pay led me to pursuing a career as an entrepreneur.

In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with Concentrations in Economics and Communication. Six months later, I enrolled in cosmetology school which reignited my passion for styling hair and provided a foundation for my new career path.

My time in cosmetology school confirmed what my mom knew all along, that I was destined to be a hairstylist. While in school, I received the Highest GPA Award and the 2016 Student of the Year Award.


Throughout my career, I've competed on the national stage  and won the following competitions: 

  • 1st Place Mane Stream Beauty Expo Tag Team Competition

  • 2nd Place Premiere Orlando Contemporary Modern Student Competition

  • 3rd Place Professional Beauty Association Student Bridal Competition


I've been working as a Licensed Cosmetologist for over five years: specializing in extension services and bridal hair. I am professionally trained as a bridal stylist and travel throughout South Florida and Nassau, Bahamas to service clients. My goal is to make all of my brides feel gorgeous on their wedding day!

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